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Engineering for intelligent system

A successful AI/ML project mandates the convergence of big data, cloud computing, software development talent that works in conjunction with data science domain expertise. 

We provide technical experience and expertise in building the infrastructure for data acquisition and preparation for ML training, creating a scalable data pipeline, data security concerns, scalable and extensible infrastructure, designing application facing, and back-office facing APIs and services. 

Vortex Innovation Labs have been developing high performance cloud-based data-intensive systems for Silicon Valley companies for the past 10 years. Under its belt, it has a string of success stories of companies and executives propelled to the next level.

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Why  Us?

Several of our past clients have encountered setbacks due to working with the wrong engineering talents. The outcome can be very costly and may severely impact the survivability of the project.

This sad truth is hiring agencies do not understand the complexity and requirements of their clients and may not be able to successfully measure the talent of the candidate.

Vortex Innovation Labs is a company driven by engineers with more than 20 years of experience delivering successful projects. We will demonstrate to you that we understand your issues and communicate our approach to solve it. We know how to communicate our project execution status to give you the ease of mind of progress. We are able to gauge the critical sections of the project and make preparation for that beforehand.  We will not accept the job if we cannot guarantee that your intelligent system project is good hands.



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Scalable microservice application design and implementation with container orchestration deployment.

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Scalable platform development

Scalable microservice application design and implementation with container orchestration deployment.

ML Ops infrastructure

Scalable microservice application design and implementation with container orchestration deployment.



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Contributz is a great decision for those who are familiar with complex financial and taxation issues. These guys not only helped me to resolve mine, but also showed me some directions how I can develop and expand my business. Thank you, Contributz!
Stacey Pickering
Product Manager
I just needed a fresh view on my selling business. I didn’t see which steps I should have taken to increase my sales. Contributz experts have made a detailed analysis and plan for my business and now I have two shops!
Mary Scott
Founder & CEO
I’m very satisfied with Contributz work! Their consultancy service is great. I needed some help how to deal with taxes and accounting as I am not a financial expert. Contributz made a great job and I will definitely come up to them again!
Mark Scott
Founder & CEO

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